Pegatinas para pared y la personalización de tus espacios - Tienda Pasquín

Wall stickers and personalization of your spaces

Wall stickers come in multiple formats, sizes and emphases, however, whether they are to convey useful messages in a small child's room, or as an example of definitive rebellion behind a teenager's bed, the truth is that today They may be the best way to personalize a space.
Historias de decoración personalizada: "Tengo fotos de mi pareja y mías por toda la casa..." - Tienda Pasquín

Personalized decoration stories: "I have photos of my partner and me all over the house..."

We have said it so many times that we now find that some of the many advantages that distinguish our Lampposts from any other type of decoration (for example, that they are adhesive and repositionable), sometimes get into the dynamics of our customers, funny stories and unusual when it also involves personalized products

Transforma tus muros en una galería de arte - Tienda Pasquín

Transform your walls into an art gallery

Transforming your walls into an art gallery depends on a combination of factors, where daring and placing a greater number of images on the wall than you would perhaps dare to put, seems to be the key.
El contraataque del papel mural - Tienda Pasquín

The counterattack of wallpaper

The new trends in wall decoration have wallpaper modifying its vibrations and possibilities of use with creative solutions. Among others, these include wallpapers with personalized designs or works by renowned artists; custom made or special to stick on the ceiling.
Poster o cartel, su historia se escribe hace mucho mucho tiempo - Tienda Pasquín

Poster or poster, its history was written a long long time ago

When did they leave? Who first thought of sticking one on a wall with the idea of ​​delivering a message? It is assumed that the electoral propaganda poster found in the remains of Pompeii and preserved in very good condition due to the effect of the eruption of Vesuvius, is considered one of the first posters in history.

Tienda Pasquín
Pósters Personalizados, una idea con la que siempre quedarás bien - Tienda Pasquín

Personalized Posters, an idea that will always make you look good

Have you found yourself in that situation where you have no idea what to give without falling into the typical unoriginal and monotonous gifts? Well, I have the answer for you: personalized gifts.
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