Transforma tus muros en una galería de arte - Tienda Pasquín

Transform your walls into an art gallery

Transforming your walls into an art gallery depends on a combination of factors, where daring and placing a greater number of images on the wall than you would perhaps dare to put, seems to be the key.
Conoce los efectos positivos de renovar los espacios de tu hogar - Tienda Pasquín

Learn about the positive effects of renovating the spaces in your home

With the COVID - 19 pandemic we are experiencing changes in our lifestyle, Necessary prevention measures such as the use of a mask and social distancing are a challenge in everyone's daily lives.

The mandatory quarantine present in many countries causes us to spend much of our time at home, negatively impacting a large part of the population; sadness, uncertainty, paranoia and stress are part of a long list of observed problems.