Wall stickers come in multiple formats, sizes and emphases, however, whether they are to convey useful messages in a small child's room, or as an example of definitive rebellion behind a teenager's bed, the truth is that today They may be the best way to personalize a space.

There are different types and they are also known as adhesive vinyls. They are usually printed on a white surface; cutting (self-adhesive film die-cut with a plotter for large results useful outdoors), serial, personalized, etc. There is even a popular alternative trend from the East, which consists of adhesives that imitate everything from wood to tiles.

The good thing about wall stickers , also called wall stickers, is that they can be placed in any corner of the house in a simple and economical way, as long as some basic installation tips are followed:

  • Avoid dust on the surface where they will be placed and wait for the paint to dry well if it is a recently painted wall.
  • Do not place them near heat sources, since high temperatures soften them... if you do not fall into any of these errors, you can say that we are in line with one of the novelties for the world of interior design, mainly due to its price-to-price ratio. quality.
wall sticker

Now, and to avoid confusion, it is good to clarify that decorative stickers and wall stickers are not the same, and the technical difference is that the vinyl will always be a single color (the background is the wall, as in the image) , while the sticker normally has a range of varied colors in its design.

In that sense, large ones have become important when it comes to effectively decorating the walls in the smaller rooms. The eternal hours of mothers' crafts (dads never contributed much in this item, it is known), to create points of attention and visual stimulation are over, the same if you want the children to begin to become familiar with the alphabet... Wall stickers are the answer of the 21st century, and they're not going anywhere.