¡Salimos en Revista Paula! - Tienda Pasquín

We appear in Paula Magazine!

We are happy because Naty, our CEO, appeared in @revistapaulachile along with two other entrepreneurs, due to our history of collaboration with illustrators around the world. Every day we work...
Maria Miro
Nace una vanguardia: Henri Matisse y el Fauvismo francés - Tienda Pasquín

An avant-garde is born: Henri Matisse and French Fauvism

Considered one of the most important painters of the 20th century, Henri Émile Benoît Matisse - commonly known as Henri Matisse - was born on December 31, 1869 in the...
Alejandra Martinez
Fotorrealismo: El arte de pintar con exactitud fotográfica - Tienda Pasquín

Photorealism: The art of painting with photographic accuracy

The term Photorealism , often confused with “Hyperrealism” or “Superrealism” , was coined as a reference to those artists whose works depended heavily on photographs that they replicated on their...
Alejandra Martinez
Maximalismo: La tendencia decorativa de los múltiples estilos - Tienda Pasquín

Maximalism: The decorative trend of multiple styles

Of the current trends in interior design, there is one that is attracting attention thanks to the fact that its characteristics break with the “traditional” line and opt for a...
Alejandra Martinez
Expresionismo: La vanguardia del período entreguerras - Tienda Pasquín

Expressionism: The avant-garde of the interwar period

Expressionism was an artistic and cultural movement that was born in Germany at the end of the 19th century and extended until the beginning of the 20th century. It included...
Alejandra Martinez
Odilon Redon: El maestro del simbolismo francés - Tienda Pasquín

Odilon Redon: The master of French symbolism

Odilon Redon was a prominent French symbolist painter, engraver and draftsman, born under the name Bertrand-Jean Redon in the city of Bordeaux on April 20, 1840. He was born into...
Alejandra Martinez
Augustus Jansson: La innovadora y original cartelería del creador de "The Ink Beast Parade" - Tienda Pasquín

Augustus Jansson: The innovative and original posters from the creator of "The Ink Beast Parade"

August Jansson was a Swedish illustrator and advertising creator born in 1866, in Somerville, Massachusetts. His first step in the artistic field was creating illustrations for greeting cards. It was...
Alejandra Martinez
Ohara Koson: La naturaleza de Japón bajo la mirada del maestro del "kachō-e" - Tienda Pasquín

Ohara Koson: The nature of Japan under the gaze of the master of "kachō-e"

Ohara Koson was a Japanese painter and craftsman of the late 19th century and early 20th century, who was active in the “s hin hanga ” movement, also known as...
Alejandra Martinez
Tienda Pasquín presenta a Flavita Banana - Tienda Pasquín

Tienda Pasquín presents Flavita Banana

María Miró, our marketing manager, had the pleasure of interviewing the artist Flavita Banana, a new collaborator with whom we started working at Tienda Pasquín in May. Flavita Banana (Flavia...
Maria Miro
Mujeres detrás del pincel - Tienda Pasquín

Women behind the paintbrush

Throughout history, the figure of women has been present in different artistic works in a pictorial way, either as muses or models. But where are the women behind the brush?...
Natalia Ubilla
Obra de Henri Matisse y su influencia en la moda - Tienda Pasquín

Work of Henri Matisse and its influence on fashion

For people like Vincent Van Gogh, it is already common to see his paintings printed on coffee mugs and even on foot wipes placed at the entrance of houses. Along these lines, with Matisse's work it is also increasingly common to see him breaking the barriers of the profession; fashion is the most immediate example.
Tienda Pasquín
La gran ola de Kanagawa - Tienda Pasquín

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

On plates, t-shirts, ties, socks and even on the facade of residential buildings, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” has long since become one of the most iconic works of art in the world.