We have said it so many times that we now find that some of the many advantages that distinguish our Lampposts from any other type of decoration (for example, that they are adhesive and repositionable), sometimes get into the dynamics of our clients, creating stories. funny and unusual when it comes to personalized products .

Camila did it this year and due to strange circumstances, the personalized decoration she ordered became a kind of thermometer of the state of her relationship. "I have photos of my partner and me all over the house. When we get angry or have differences, no matter how small they are, I like to move their photo to another part of the home (guess which one!) to remind me that I don't need to have someone next to me out of pure emotional dependence. So I take his photo from my room to the bathroom, and I look at it when (KK), sometimes it makes me laugh, and other times it makes me angry, but it helps hehe..."

"...when she comes to my apartment I have to remember to move her to avoid her questions, hehe, but if I'm still angry or meh, I place her in the kitchen, or in a window. If she stays to sleep, and she realizes that I've He changed the photo, took it off and left it back in my room without me noticing.

I think this photo has been taped and peeled off more than 100 times throughout my entire apartment. "So with love, friends."

What they sent us by email three months ago left us thinking about the hundreds of stories in which a Pasquín has been involved: perhaps someone left some gift stickers hidden in a notebook or on a closed laptop without its owner or owner. knew. Maybe you are thinking about adding personalized decoration and want to make personalized mosaics with some special photos of your old man to give them to him this Christmas... maybe those photos with the memory of your vacation are showing a place that no longer exists... You have more stories to tell us? Don't hesitate to write to us, we are interested in all of them!