Have you found yourself in that situation where you have no idea what to give without falling into the typical unoriginal and monotonous gifts? Well, I have the answer for you: personalized gifts.

Characteristics of a good gift

One of the best ways to entertain your loved ones on those important dates or events is through a gift. However, choosing it is not always a simple task and many times the desired impact is not achieved.

A gift is well received when it meets these three characteristics:

  • Originality: it must be creative, unique, novel.
  • Emotionality: it has to awaken emotions, this is something important, after all we are beings governed by our emotions.
  • Memorability: related to the previous point, if a gift is emotional it will also be memorable, it will not be forgotten and will remain fixed in memory.

Remember, these characteristics always go above the monetary value of the gift, it can be an economical gift, but if it is original, emotional and memorable, it will achieve that impact you are looking for.

Personalized gifts are a clear example of a present that meets the three previous characteristics. You can show your appreciation to that person important to you, whether family, friendship, partner or even that woman or man you want to conquer, without necessarily spending a Big amount of money.

What are personalized gifts?

Well, they can practically be any object which can be modified by integrating a name, a phrase or a photo.

Currently one of the most popular and liked personalization methods is the use of photos, and with the “boom” of Smart Phones and social networks like Instagram, practically everyone has access to taking and sharing average and excellent photos. quality. Furthermore, there are few things more emotional and memorable than a good photo of that loved one or why not also of a pet.

Personalized gift ideas

As mentioned above, a personalized gift can be practically anything, a piece of clothing, jewelry, tools, kitchen utensils, sports items, musical instruments and a long etcetera. Taking into account that currently the best received form of personalization is through the implementation of photos, here I bring you two interesting ideas so that you can put into practice:

Adhesive pictures with personalized photos

This is a great option for a gift with it you can decorate any space in your home where there is a smooth surface (ceramics, walls, doors, furniture, etc.) without damaging the surfaces, since having a waterproof adhesive and PVC free, no nails or any other type of fixation is required. All your favorite photos will fill the spaces in your home with unique memories.

Custom stickers

Another highly recommended option due to their versatility, they are repositionable so you can remove them and place them on the smooth surface you want, for example, furniture, notebooks, diaries, PC, refrigerator, etc.

Like adhesive mosaics, the stickers have a waterproof and PVC-free glue. With them they will always have that loved one present no matter where they are.

For these two examples you will only have to choose your best photos and the size you want, so let's get to work!

Natalia Ubilla