I am Natalia Ubilla, the director and founder of Tienda Pasquín. Here we are a team of people passionate about innovation and design, always asking ourselves how to improve your daily life.

But how did the idea of ​​adhesive decoration come about? Let me tell you...

In 2019, through "Design Thinking", the idea of ​​delivering flexibility and decorative freedom through art and design was born.

With them, you can decorate without the need for expensive frames or damaging surfaces.
Plus, they are PVC-free with durable and recyclable inks like PET.

Best of all, you can stick and peel off your designs over and over again.

This is just part of our story, summarized so as not to bore you. If you have questions or just want to say hello, write to us at hola@tiendapasquin.cl.

Thank you for reading this far and welcome to Tienda Pasquín! 💕