Nace una vanguardia: Henri Matisse y el Fauvismo francés - Tienda Pasquín

An avant-garde is born: Henri Matisse and French Fauvism

Considered one of the most important painters of the 20th century, Henri Émile Benoît Matisse - commonly known as Henri Matisse - was born on December 31, 1869 in the...
Alejandra Martinez
Fotorrealismo: El arte de pintar con exactitud fotográfica - Tienda Pasquín

Photorealism: The art of painting with photographic accuracy

The term Photorealism , often confused with “Hyperrealism” or “Superrealism” , was coined as a reference to those artists whose works depended heavily on photographs that they replicated on their...
Alejandra Martinez
Maximalismo: La tendencia decorativa de los múltiples estilos - Tienda Pasquín

Maximalism: The decorative trend of multiple styles

Of the current trends in interior design, there is one that is attracting attention thanks to the fact that its characteristics break with the “traditional” line and opt for a...
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Augustus Jansson: La innovadora y original cartelería del creador de "The Ink Beast Parade" - Tienda Pasquín

Augustus Jansson: The innovative and original posters from the creator of "The Ink Beast Parade"

August Jansson was a Swedish illustrator and advertising creator born in 1866, in Somerville, Massachusetts. His first step in the artistic field was creating illustrations for greeting cards. It was...
Alejandra Martinez
Poster retro: lo vintage está de moda - Tienda Pasquín

Retro poster: vintage is in fashion

The Strangers Things posters by Butcher Billy ( @thebutcherbilly ) set the tone and later helped the commercial confirmation of the enormous sales that posters of classic movies exhibit in the online circuit.

El boom de los pósters cinematográficos de la mano de “Strangers Things” - Tienda Pasquín

The boom in movie posters thanks to “Strangers Things”

Works of art that are also sensitive summaries that seek to summarize a filmed story without spoilers. Movie posters and posters are a cult that today you can hang not only in your teenage room but also in the living room of your house. It is a meaningful decoration that enjoys a freedom that advertising imagery sometimes does not have.

Poster o cartel, su historia se escribe hace mucho mucho tiempo - Tienda Pasquín

Poster or poster, its history was written a long long time ago

When did they leave? Who first thought of sticking one on a wall with the idea of ​​delivering a message? It is assumed that the electoral propaganda poster found in the remains of Pompeii and preserved in very good condition due to the effect of the eruption of Vesuvius, is considered one of the first posters in history.

Tienda Pasquín