The new trends in wall decoration have wallpaper modifying its vibrations and possibilities of use with creative solutions. Among others, these include wallpapers with personalized designs or works by renowned artists; custom made or special to stick on the ceiling.

Placing wallpaper on the ceiling is almost like a return to a decorative trend that was all the rage in the 70s, and which in turn was inspired by the pictorial dynamics of the 16th century, a widespread trend in enormous European palaces. Its advantages come from the visual effect, since depending on the paper chosen, the room can look taller. Another advantageous aspect is its longer duration. This is because although the wallpaper on the walls may suffer over time, on the ceiling it will be far from any friction or splashes.

Another alternative that has been multiplying is the idea of ​​seeing wall decoration as something closely linked to a value proposition in itself. The incorporation of wallpapers by professional artists constitutes a commitment to added value and exclusivity that has been seducing more and more people. It is no longer about sticking only what is offered at the hardware store or department store.

On the wallpaper and without damaging surfaces

As we talk about mural decoration and the paper that has covered walls for hundreds of years, we cannot fail to mention that the posters, mini posters and stickers of Tienda Pasquín have been designed and produced with the idea of ​​complementing the decoration of almost any type of surface. For the same reason, all our products can be pasted on wallpaper without damaging it. It is not necessary to remove it to be able to incorporate our designs and personalize your spaces.

The idea is to make things easier and not complicate them, in addition to the low costs associated with the repositionable option that Tienda Pasquín offers in a huge and well-thought-out catalog.