Transforming your walls into an art gallery depends on a combination of factors, where daring and placing a greater number of images on the wall than you would perhaps dare to put, seems to be the key.

What are the factors to consider before transforming your walls into an art gallery? First, the available space. One of the key elements of your gallery wall will be the dimensions of the wall you want to place it on. Now, contrary to the first impression, it is not necessarily about filling the entire surface: you can limit it to a section of wall and opt for a vertical or horizontal grouping of the works (engravings, adhesive posters , paintings, photographs, etc.) , even more so if your collection is limited.

What to place. The types of frames and elements you want to integrate will determine the best gallery layout and whether it is symmetrical or more random in layout. Golden Rule? If you have similar sized frames or identical type pieces, opt for symmetry, if you have more eclectic pieces, a random design will be better.

Design. When deciding on your gallery wall, think about the layout of the room and how the art or collection will add to that. Also consider how the furniture and color palette will work together.

Ideas for an art gallery wall

Are gallery walls something new?… not at all

As is often the case, what seems new was already in fashion before or even had its origin even before electricity reached our homes. Something like that happens with gallery walls.

Gallery walls are also commonly called the “French drawing room,” after the French drawing rooms that first displayed walls filled with floor-to-ceiling art.

In 1670, the first salon was held in the Louvre Palace (thanks to royal approval), launching the Louvre's international reputation in the art world.

These first exhibitions featured works by graduates of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in Paris. Because space was limited, artwork filled every wall from floor to ceiling in an amalgamation of styles and themes. This design is the basis for the modern gallery wall.