Of the current trends in interior design, there is one that is attracting attention thanks to the fact that its characteristics break with the “traditional” line and opt for a “chaotic” image but in perfect harmony, we are talking about maximalism.

Maximalism is a decorative style that does not adapt to a single pattern when decorating , but rather, takes many ideas, elements, shapes and colors to create a warmer and more harmonious environment.

This trend, which was born in response to the minimalist style, sets no limits when it comes to decorating, creating spaces where “the more elements there are, the better.”

Although it is a current style, a type of maximalism could already be glimpsed many centuries ago . Many of its characteristics are taken from the Baroque , a time when people displayed their material goods - especially in their homes - as a demonstration of their wealth.

Later, it resurfaced in the Victorian Era period, where decorative elements became even more accessible and where it received a much more personal and profound meaning compared to the material, under the idea that each home represented the personality of the person who lived in it.

Currently, the idea of ​​maximalism is not far from what it was in previous times, since it is still a style that is made up of a large number of details and vibrant elements, in order to express the taste and personality of who decorates

Maximalism is daring in a big way without strict rules. Appeal to creativity with contrasts and mixtures of textures, prints and a collection of objects, so that every corner of the place is completely covered.

This type of interior design invites you to combine different types of aesthetic trends in a single space, making it possible to find elements of the classic style mixed with some modern ones when decorating.

Now, there may be no sobriety, but everything must be combined with balance and harmony. The essential thing is to achieve coherence through the play between colors that can be interspersed and that allow adding details of other tones that combine, nothing at random.

Alejandra Martinez