We are happy because Naty, our CEO, appeared in @revistapaulachile along with two other entrepreneurs, due to our history of collaboration with illustrators around the world.

Every day we work hard, we try to create new relationships and expand the community so that Tienda Pasquín reaches everywhere and to all people, that is why this type of news in major media fills our hearts with pride and joy.

You can read the news here.

In any case, we want to highlight these words from Naty that really show the essence of Tienda Pasquín and the shared dream that the entire team has of building a brand where the best and most varied national and international artists fit:

When creating Pasquín, Natalia also had the idea of ​​being a showcase of Latin American art, especially of female artists, and achieving a broad portfolio of images that allows for few copies by design. These include restorations of classic works, royalty-free pieces, posters and collaborations with prominent national and international artists, such as the Mexican artist Sandra Ramírez, the Chilean Catalina Cartagena and the German muralist Romoko. The most recent of her alliances is with the renowned Spanish illustrator and cartoonist Flavita Banana, who has three works for sale in Pasquín. “I contacted her because I am her fan, I have followed her for many years because of the cartoons she publishes in El País. My dream was to collaborate with an artist like her,” says Natalia.

Reading Naty's words we see everything we have walked, sometimes we don't realize it if we don't stop to think about it. But it has been more than two years since we decided to put all the heart and capital we had into Tienda Pasquín, and we are in a beautiful and challenging moment in which we have the opportunity to continue growing.

That is why these types of notes encourage us to continue and continue fighting. Seeing that our work is valued and, above all, people like it, connecting them with art in a new way... is the most we can ask for.

We don't want to close this post without showing our love and affection to Rita Lira and Suyin Tay . Nothing more inspiring than seeing other women fulfill their dreams through artistic projects of such high value.

Thank you :)

Maria Miro