August Jansson was a Swedish illustrator and advertising creator born in 1866, in Somerville, Massachusetts. His first step in the artistic field was creating illustrations for greeting cards.

It was in 1903 that Jansson established a reputation as a renowned artist, thanks to the work he did for the Queen City Print Ink Company , where his originality in designing and making posters attracted attention within the artistic environment.

Queen City Ink ad. - Augustus Janssen

At that time he also began to be recognized for his various artistic facets as an illustrator of postcards, cartoonist, china designer and as the author of the book “ Hobby Hoss Fair”, composed of illustrations for children.

While at Queen City Publishing , Jansson created a variety of designs for the trade magazine The Inland Printer , including the standout " The Ink Beast Parade," a striking collection of illustrations featuring his Magenta Ponies. ” and the “ orange and yellow Ibexiaticus ”, as well as a series of figures in the shape of dolls.

Heliotrope cow - Augustus Janssen

Each of the striking advertisements created in the Queen City era were considered ahead of their time, as they had a distinctive art deco touch. A style of illustration that became his characteristic hallmark and to this day receives praise, marveling those who observe it.

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