Ohara Koson was a Japanese painter and craftsman of the late 19th century and early 20th century, who was active in the “s hin hanga ” movement, also known as the “ new woodblock prints ” movement.

He is known for being one of the precursors of kachō - e art, a style of art typical of Japan that consists of portraying natural settings where birds and flowers predominate, whose artistic meaning is subject to spirituality rather than aesthetics.

Blooming Azalea in blue pot - Ohara Koson

He was born in 1877 in Ishikawa Prefecture, under the name Ohara Matao . His first approach to painting and design was developed at the Ishikawa Prefectural Technical School from 1889 to 1893 to later study the art of painting in Tokyo, together with the artist Suzuki Kason, from whom he would take the last name. in the future.

During his time in Tokyo, at the end of 1890, he made some triptych engravings in ukiyo-e style that illustrated images of the Russo-Japanese War. However, his most important works were always the kachō - e paintings .


Cat and Mouse - Ohara Koson

His first publications were made together with Akiyama Buemon , also known as Kokkeido , who was one of the most prominent editors in Japan between 1880 and 1890, and together with the prominent artist and editor Matsuki Heikishi , known as Daikokuya .

At that time he already signed his works under the name “Koson” , however, throughout his artistic career, he used more than one name to sign. In 1926, under the guidance of the editor Watanabe Shozaburo , his works were signed with the name “Shozon” , while, at the time when he worked with the editor Kawaguchi , he signed his works with the name “Hoson” .

Koi Fish - Ohara Koson

In the period he published with Watanabe, his works were exhibited abroad, receiving special interest among the public in the United States. Since then, Ohara Koson remained active as an artist until the end of 1935, finally dying in 1945 at his home in Tokyo.

To this day his work continues to earn high praise and his major works are found in various museums around the world, such as the Toledo Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the British Museum and the Harvard Museum of Arts. , among others.

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