With the COVID - 19 pandemic we are experiencing changes in our lifestyle, necessary prevention measures such as the use of a mask and social distancing are a challenge in everyone's daily lives.

The mandatory quarantine present in many countries causes us to spend much of our time at home, negatively impacting a large part of the population; sadness, uncertainty, paranoia and stress are part of a long list of observed problems.

Considering this particular situation, today more than ever it is essential to make your home a pleasant place to live. Here you will discover what the positive effects of home decoration are, as well as some tips on what you have to do to achieve it.

It is currently clear that the way in which exterior and interior spaces are built and decorated has an emotional impact, this is an object of study in neuroarchitecture.

What is neuroarchitecture?

It is a branch of neuroscience that studies architecture and its influence on human emotions, with the aim of creating spaces where individuals feel at ease.

Science widely supports that the beneficial results are real through numerous scientific studies. Next, we will give you a summary of everything good that it has for you, an adequate decoration and how to do it.

What are the positive effects of decorating my home and how to achieve them?

 Now, among the most notable benefits are:

  • You will be happier: naturally by feeling comfortable you will also feel a better mood. You will make the people around you feel better.
  • More creativity: if you find the places you live pleasant, it will generate greater creativity in you that you can apply to your work and/or hobbies.
  • Your proactivity will increase: you will feel more encouraged to do new things to improve in all aspects of your life (work, emotional, social, expressive).
  • It will improve your mental health: you will enjoy better health by reducing stress, reluctance, anxiety, etc. Your mind always affects your body, you will also obtain better physical health, that is, a better quality of life in general.

These are the tips to follow to experience the positive effects, there are various factors that make a healthy environment, among them we have:

  • Cleanliness: order and cleanliness are always essential for every corner of the home.
  • Lighting: preferably natural and limit artificial lighting at night.
  • Colors: warm colors are recommended for winter and cold colors for summer, as well as colors that are reminiscent of nature (green, blue, yellow).
  • Functionality: refers to the fact that each object has to have its function within the room of the house, not simply be there to fill. As well as taking into account the function of each room.
  • Aromas: they are especially important in the kitchen and bathroom, aromatic candles with soft aromas are recommended.
  • Green areas: including indoor plants is always a good decision, especially in the living room.

Remember! The most important point is that you follow your own personal taste, your style, if something doesn't convince you just remove it, in the same way if you love something, include it.

For example, an economical and modern option is to replace the old "filler" paintings on the walls with economical and easy-to-apply paintings that do not require work to install . You will be able to enjoy a new look in minutes and without spending so much energy.

We say goodbye hoping that you found this post useful and entertaining. Don't forget to comment what you thought of it and whether you will put into practice what is mentioned here.