The truth is that it is difficult not to feel dizzy when we achieve so many good things in such a short time.

It's been a little late but we finally have it here:

Our new Pasquín Store.

And be careful, with a welcome promotion! Only in this store, the set of 4 postcards for $10,000

Pasquín store in MUT

A second point of sale in the city of Santiago located in a unique space, which promises to position itself as one of the leading urban markets in Latin America. The Tobalaba Urban Market, MUT.

We have been working on this for several months. And you know that we are a very dedicated but small team, so it has been many extra hours, a great investment and above all a great desire to make Pasquín grow and reach more people.

It goes without saying that MUT is an incredible space for us, not only because of its ecological and sustainable view of the city, but because it will be much more than a market. It will be a physical space open to the neighborhood where you can attend exhibitions, cultural activities, fairs and countless venues that will open and show their local talents to the whole world.

At the moment, we are in White March.

This means that we are still improving the space of our store, preparing exclusive designs that you will only find there, and also assisting the growth of MUT, which is currently profiling all of its facilities.

Do you want to come visit us?

We will be at level -1, Local 1024. Here we leave you the little map .

You can find us from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

We will wait for you :)

Maria Miro