We agree that all good parents, whether first-time parents or not, worry about their children having a full childhood, since it is part of their responsibility to ensure that this is the case, and to this end, science has shown us that early stimulation plays an important role; this is currently a fact recognized by psychopedagogy leaders around the world.

This post will focus on the importance of children's decoration in recreation and learning spaces, and I will also teach you some good ideas that you can implement in your home to stimulate the minds of your children; but not before clarifying what is meant by early stimulation and what its benefits are.

What is early intervention?

It is the set of actions that enhance the physical, mental and psychosocial abilities of the child, through repetitive, continuous and systematized stimulation.

Early stimulation in girls and boys

Benefits of early stimulation

As we saw previously, early stimulation in the child positively impacts three key areas for neurodevelopment: the psychomotor system and personal autonomy, language/communication, and the skills to relate to the physical and social environment.

Specifically, the benefits acquired by the child are the following:

  • Improves your learning by increasing concentration, memory and creativity.
  • Maximizes their psychomotor skills: motor skills and language go hand in hand during the process of neural development.
  • Facilitates language acquisition: articulation, comprehension and oral expression.
  • Awaken the child's curiosity to explore and learn while having fun.
  • Develops social skills such as: empathy, assertiveness, coexistence and adaptation to environments.
  • Strengthens your self-esteem.


Children's decoration and its role in early stimulation

Giving a bit of historical perspective, humans have always created and assigned special meaning to figures on surfaces, from the so-called cave paintings in the caves of primitive man to the walls of the Egyptian pyramids, to name a few examples of what which can be considered the first forms of decoration.

It is time to know how the decoration of the spaces that the child frequents within the home can help obtain the benefits of early stimulation.

First of all, experts in the field affirm that from the age of three, parents should begin to listen to children's suggestions regarding decoration; in many cases, preferences for a specific color or character are expressed. , it is important to keep this point in mind. Since if this is not the case, the infant will not perceive that place as his or her own and will not feel comfortable.

Now, there are guidelines to take into account when decorating a child's room or play and learning area; there are basic things such as cleanliness, order, good lighting and ventilation. Going to the most specific, there are elements that should not be missing such as murals with a variety of colors, shapes and textures, furniture that allows the child to have a space where they can move freely to play, jump and dance, appropriate music is also important, as are the drawers. or easy-access containers for your educational toys.

Easy and economical children's decoration ideas for early stimulation

The colors, shapes and intensity of brightness are very stimulating for little ones, so I bring you two ideas with which you can enhance these elements in a simple, practical and economical way.

The inclusion of murals was previously mentioned as an interesting option with the aim of keeping children stimulated. I present to you a great alternative: create themed murals with stickers that you can reuse, so it won't be a problem to remove them in the future. With them you can encourage your children to use their imagination by creating themed murals of animals, foods, etc. Helping them become familiar with colors, shapes and different elements such as animals and objects.

Reusable fabric stickers

With these stickers you will be giving color and diversity to those monochromatic areas, resulting in a more pleasant and stimulating space for your children. The best part is that they are ecological, since they do not contain PVC, they are waterproof and since they are reusable they do not leave residue when removing and replacing them, you will not have to worry about cleaning residue on surfaces.

“Scare Cuckoo” Stickers

Cuckoo scare for adhesive children

Like the previous ones, they have all the advantages of a reusable decoration with the plus that they glow in the dark without the need for any external energy source, just expose them to any type of light. Ideal for all smooth surfaces. Children

They will be able to enjoy both regular repositionable adhesives and glow-in-the-dark ones while exercising their fine motor skills by having fun sticking and peeling them off.

There are multiple benefits that early stimulation gives to infants. As well as many factors to take into account to achieve these benefits in a satisfactory manner for the child and their parents. Here we have highlighted the decoration of spaces as an important factor, but it should be noted that it is not the only one; educational games for children are also important and they must all be taken into account so that they function harmoniously as a system.

To conclude, tell me. What did you think of the post? Will you put the ideas shown here into practice?

Natalia Ubilla