Renting the typical apartment whose contract prohibits a lot of things like making holes in the walls? Yes, we know very well how horrible this ban is for decoration fans. But... what if there was an intermediate solution? Keep reading and find out what you can do with your walls without making a single hole.

What are adhesive boxes?

Sticker boxes are everything a renter who wants a beautiful apartment would like to have. Because they allow you to decorate the walls of any room like traditional paintings, but the beauty is that they stick to the surface. They do not need nails, thumbtacks, glue or Velcro. They simply stick completely, as they work in a similar way to wallpaper. That is, on one side they have the drawing and on the other, the sticker. The possibilities are endless, aren't they?

How do they work?

Very easy. Once you receive them, you just have to peel off the paper that is attached to the back and simply stick it to the wall where you think it looks best. Did you get bored of having it in one place or did you make a mistake when installing it? Without problems, you can peel it off and stick it somewhere else, since they are very resistant materials with a long useful life. In addition, adhesive paintings have other benefits that you probably don't know about: * They are waterproof, so they can be cleaned quickly and safely. * Thanks to the material they are made of, gluing them does not create those annoying air bubbles under the surface. * You only need a smooth surface (walls, doors, furniture; whatever your creativity wants). * They are ideal for small spaces or with a lot of furniture since they do not take up space or protrude from the wall.

Where can I find adhesive boxes?

Right here at Pasquín :) We have a WIDE VARIETY OF STICKER PICTURES, some designed by local artists, hand-cut and printed on high-quality, environmentally sustainable paper. As simple as that. Decoration can be cheap, sustainable (learn about our materials here), and easy. And these sticky pictures corroborate it. It isn't true? Also, the coolest thing of all: there are all kinds of varieties of paintings and designs that will fit perfectly into your style, no matter how eclectic it may be!

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