Are you thinking about decorating different spaces in your home, but without spending all your money trying?

Well, come with me and I'll show you what the new thing in decoration has to offer: adhesive prints.

You may be wondering what it is about? First of all, let's make it clear what "print" means, let's get to it.

What is a print?

Print literally means printing, they are images or text that are reproduced using a template, normally the engraving is created by the movements of inks through a screen or matrix.

That would be the generic definition, now let's get to the interesting part of the post.

Self-adhesive prints

We are pioneers in Chile and Latin America, that is why we can tell you that it is the new thing in decoration and one of the best options you can choose, for several reasons:

  1. Budget
  2. Originality
  3. Versatility
  4. Environmentally friendly materials

Adhesive prints


As I mentioned at the beginning, you can make that decoration that you want so much, but without sacrificing all your money in the process, especially if you take into account the cost of, for example, framing.


You can combine and place the variety of available designs to your liking, giving that touch of personalization to your decor.

Our entire line of designs are the work of exclusive authors, in this way we promote fair trade and allow the work of local artists to be shown.

The printing of the designs is fine art , this means that it is printed with 10 colors (very different from classic printers that only use 4 colors)

There are 6 additional colors to give nuances and colors, thus achieving the same quality used in art galleries.


You don't need to damage or dirty the walls or surfaces, for example: if you move house or simply want to move them, you peel them off and stick them again on another surface. It's that easy!

They are suitable for all types of smooth surfaces (walls, furniture, doors, refrigerators, etc.), also for the kitchen, bathroom and even the shower.

It is very easy to use them, anyone can do it, you do not need any type of tools or tutorial and they can be installed even by children.

Environmentally friendly materials

The manufacturing materials we use are designed to take care of the environment and reduce pollution as much as possible, this ranges from the 10 types of water-based inks to the total absence of PVC.

Now that you know what prints have for you when it comes to making your decorations, tell me, are you going to miss them?

The new in decoration, adhesive prints

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