Neither replicas nor plagiarism. At Tienda Pasquín we are proud of the curatorial work we do every week to rescue and print with the best possible resolution (and our classic recyclable materials), outstanding and iconic works of world art.

We can do this because we are careful to select artists whose rights associated with the works they produced are already in the public domain. This means that the economic rights over a work expire when 50 years have passed since the death of the artist, as established by the Berne Treaty of 1886 and last updated in 1979. This period has even been extended in the internal regulations of each country, as occurs in European law: 70 years from the death of the author or Mexico, where it is 100 years. Once that time has passed, said work can then be used freely, respecting moral rights .

The importance of spreading

We are interested in current art and the casual personality that pop design and collectible images can contribute to the adhesive decoration that we bring today to houses and apartments at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, we see it as a contribution to the democratization of art: you don't need millions to look at a painting by Vincent van Gogh or place the Mona Lisa on the wall in front of your bed. Tienda Pasquín is a venture that also seeks to revive culture and not only print fun things, we are also capable of making art history known.

To be fair, we take care of the process and we also take care to visibly place the author of each painting and drawing. Because seriously, it's worth asking yourself how Vincent van Gogh would feel or what he would say to see that in 2022, on the other side of the world, his works are accessible to anyone? The democratization of art is here to stay.

If anyone is interested in freely downloading a work of art with released rights, here is a practical list,

And don't forget to continue creating and mashup!

Tienda Pasquín