At the prestigious Cavia 2023 Awards ceremony, the talented cartoonist and Tienda Pasquín collaborator, Flavita Banana, left her mark when talking about the future and the importance of breaking barriers.

Our talented collaborator Flavita Banana, recognized as one of the most important cartoonists in Spanish speaking, was awarded last Monday with the famous Mingote 2023 Prize that celebrates the best of seasonal caricature and drawing, and on this occasion, has recognized the artist for her brilliant publication on “digital disconnection”, becoming the first woman to receive this outstanding award .

"The beer that consumes" - Flavita Banana

The recognition was carried out through the Cavia 2023 Awards ceremony, an event organized year after year by the ABC Newspaper in which the most prestigious awards in Spanish journalism are awarded, and which on this occasion had the honor of having among his assistants with the Kings of Spain, who were able to witness Flavita's eloquent speech.

Always faithful to her feminist position, our beloved artist spoke about the importance of the future for creative women and the work that lies ahead, to break the barriers that current society imposes on them , allowing them to have more opportunities to stand out and shine in instances. as important as this.

"The hug as a measure of space and time" - Flavita Banana

She also emphasized the changes that technology has brought to the media and how she has learned to look with affection at this constant evolution that has taken her, from her beginnings drawing on paper, to the new world of digital art, she has demonstrate his worth and how his perseverance has opened doors to new opportunities for professional growth.

Today we proudly celebrate Flavita Banana and her powerful message. At Tienda Pasquín we feel honored to collaborate with such a talented illustrator committed to her art and the message they convey. Congratulations Flavita, for this well-deserved award and for being an inspiration for all the generations that follow you!

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Alejandra Martinez