At Tienda Pasquín we are committed to creating products that have a long life cycle, even more so if it is about decorating the office or our home, spaces that are usually exposed to different changes in lighting and temperature.

That is why we make our products using two types of inks; photographic and pigmented , which allow greater durability, both in color and in the sharpness of the design, at the time of printing.

To create our mini posters (postcard, A4) we use photographic inks , which in addition to allowing us high quality prints, resist the effects of humidity and temperature changes. This allows them to be stuck in humid places, such as the kitchen or bathroom, without the image being damaged.

In the case of XL posters and stickers, we opt for pigmented inks because, given its characteristics, it allows for high-quality prints and is even more resistant and durable than photographic inks, since, in addition to humidity, it also withstands direct contact with water. .