Why choose Pasquín? Simple, because our posters are not like any other. 💕👏

We reinvent the poster, to bring small pieces of art to your hands in a much simpler way. Gone are the days of taping or damaging the surface of your walls to make your spaces shine.

We have a varied range of designs that have been chosen and delicately retouched to provide them with fine art quality . ♥️🎨🖌

We carry out weekly curatorships in order to rescue outstanding and iconic works of art, and at the same time, we support author's design with passion, working alongside national and international illustrators, because we understand the importance of disseminating culture. .

And if that were not enough, at Tienda Pasquín we work with environmental awareness because, in addition to the fact that our products can be recycled, they are made with PVC-free materials, so by choosing our posters and stickers you will not be polluting. 🤍♻️

So, why choose Pasquín?... Because choosing Pasquín means choosing quality and a job made with love.