When we arrive at a new apartment, or want to give a new look to our home, the first thing we think about is the importance of decorating the place in a way that is true to our own style. However, one of the main problems that arise is finding an effective way to change the image of our home, without doing damage in the process.

Especially in the case of those rented spaces, where restrictions prevent making drastic changes or hanging elements from the walls so as not to ruin the walls or wallpaper. It is at this point where we begin to explain the benefits of preferring our products and why the posters, mini posters and stickers from Tienda Pasquín are the ideal option for you to decorate your home without feeling afraid of damaging the surfaces of your home...

Stick and peel off without leaving any residue

The first thing you should keep in mind is that a pasquín is not like any other poster... Although it is adhesive decoration like all the decorative pieces that are part of the signage, a poster from our store has characteristics that make it unique in his species.

Our posters are original decorative pieces that have “ornamental flexibility”, that is, you can stick them on the walls of your home and reposition them as many times as you want thanks to their long-lasting adhesive, allowing you to change the image of your environment over time. Over time, you won't get bored of collecting them!

But then the question arises: If I want to move my poster, will there be stains on the wallpaper when I remove it? , and the answer is a big NO.

One of the most important qualities of our posters is that, when you want to change their location, you will not have to worry about damaging the surface, since the adhesive does not leave sticky residue or stains when removing the poster from the wall paper... they are really a marvel.

A pasquín does not damage the wallpaper

Another very important detail to consider is that, in addition to not leaving residue, our billboards will not damage the surface of your walls with wallpaper when you want to stick them.

And, unlike common paper or cardboard posters, whose adhesive is much more powerful - and even tear the wall paper when removing them - our billboards are made of adhesive fabric and have a glue that adheres easily. a much gentler way to the wall, so you can stick them without fear of damaging the surface.

We make products that are friendly to surfaces, so when you want to reposition a billboard, you will see that it is much more moldable and manageable to remove.

There are many designs to choose from!

Finally, we cannot close this note without mentioning that one of the most important reasons to choose a poster from Tienda Paquín is because we have a great variety of designs to choose from!

Each of our products are carefully selected by our Art Director, with the primary intention of bringing people closer to art and culture in a much more homogeneous and democratic way... we all deserve to transform our spaces in a more intimate and comfortable way, No?

So now you know, if you want to take a new direction to your decoration, visit our page http://www.tiendapasquin.cl and delight yourself with the infinite possibilities that Mundo Pasquín offers you.

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Alejandra Martinez